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Nature reserves are separated areas with special natural values, preserved in their natural state or slightly changed. Forest management is limited in these areas. In Poland nowadays, there are 1441 nature reserves, 671 of which occupy the total area of over 61 thousand hectares. Nature reserves make 1.6 % of the area of forests managed by the State Forests.

Bolesław Grochowski nature reserve „Dąbrowa Berzeźnicka" was founded in 1989. The objective of creating the nature reserve was to preserve for scientific, teaching and social purposes fragments of the oak-hornbeam forest (multi-species and multi-layer broadleaved forest) and Euro-Siberian steppic woods with numerous oaks being natural monuments.

The reserve covers the area of 5,88 ha in the Forest District Brzeźnica and is subject to partial protection. It is located in the southern part of the Miodnica district forests, on both sides of the picturesquely winding Brzeźnica river and its side stream. The area of the reserve has the form of an undulated moraine.The forest stands in the reserve have been preserved in their natural or very close to natural state. The fauna is represented , apart from many bird species, by wild mammals: roe-deer, wild boar, fox, hare and  numerous small animals.

The reserve is open to visitors.