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  • Cycling routes (55km) - they are repaired forest tracks made available to tourists
  • 6 walk paths (about 30 km) – running  through forests
  • 4 horse tracks (100 km)
  • Tourist trail I Lipno-Lubiatów-Tarnawa 18 km
  • Tourist trail II – Koźla-Pajęczno-Tarnawa- Wysoka-Łagoda-Cieszów-Krzywa (47km)
  • Tourist trail III – Bogaczów-Nowogród – Podgórzyce (10km)
  • Tourist trail IV- Przybymierz-Nowogród Bobrzański - Dobroszów Mały-Gorzupia-Bobrówka-Żłotnik (25km)
  • 2 Interpretive nature educational trails
  • Forestnursery and selective seed breeding farmworth
  • Historical monument of a Swedish diplomat  Lord Malcolm von Sinclair murdered by Russian soldiers on June 17th, 1739. It is located in the forest range Kotowice near the national road no 27. The Sinclair's assassination – as one of the other reasons was listed in the proclamation of Friderick I, King of Sweden declaring war in 1741 on Russia.
  • Forestmemorial room.
  • Mopkowy tunnel near Krzystkowice – where barbastella, small and numerous vespertilionid bats  winter