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Forests in State Forest Holding are managed in accordance with forest management plans that are made for forest districts for 10 years periods. They are elaborated by specialized institutions, such as Bureau for Forest Management and Geodesy. The plans of forest management, after having been consulted with community, are then approved of by the Minister of Environment.

Plan elaboration is always preceded by a thorough inventory and assessment of forest condition. Foresters assess forest qualities such as: forest composition, structure, age, species composition, health condition, soil and habitat conditions. Projects intended for implementation take into account forest management objectives and functions that forests have in a particular forest district being managed.

Contemporary forest management plans are made with the most advanced technology. The basic tool is a forest digital map being a part of the geographic information system (GIS). The map processes graphically the data collected during field works. For many years now forest management procedures have also used satellite and aerial imagery which complement the results of field work


Forest management plans should include such issues as:

  • Description of forest and land intended for afforestation,
  • Analysis of forest management in the previous period,
  • Environmental protection program,
  • Specification of tasks related to timber harvesting, afforestation, regeneration, forest tending and protection, hunting and establishing forest infrastructure (buildings, roads).