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The objective of the activities performed by the European network of nature protection areas Natura 2000 is to prevent endangered fauna and flora species from extinction and protection of biodervisity throughout Europe.

Natura 2000 network comprises two types of areas:

  • Areas of special bird protection- Birds Sites to protect population of wild birds,
  • Special areas of habitats protection – Habitats Sites protecting natural habitats of plants and animals.

The grounds for establishing Natura 2000 areas are scientific critera.

Natura 2000 areas make 40% of all the land under management of the State Forests and occupy over 2,8 million ha. In Poland currently there are 144 special areas of bird protection  - Birds Sites, and 823 areas of special protection of habitats – Habitats Sites, including 364 areas important to the Union. They cover almost 20 % of the territory of the country.

The majoraty of Natura areas was established on forest lands. They cover 40% of the land  managed by the State Forests with 2,8 million ha.

In the Forest District Krzystkowice there are NATURA 2000 areas – Habitats Sites:

  • "Barbastella tunnel near Krzystkowice"
  • "Lower Bober Valley"
  • "Nowogrodzkie Przygiełkowisko"

Fauna species comprised by Natura 2000 (Habitats Directive) in the Forest District Krzystkowice – barbestilla, Northern crested newt, green gomphid, large Copper, otter and European beaver.