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Ecological sites are usually small areas comprising small ponds, groups of trees or bushes in the middle of fields, peat bogs, swamps and dunes. They are remnants of ecosystems and are important for preservation of biodiversity. Presently in Poland there 9 thousand ecological sites occupying the area of 30 thousand hectares.

Within the Forest District Krzystkowice there are 14 valuable and attractive objects the area of which totals 378,80 ha. They are: Ducks habitat-Przygiełkowisko, Ducks broods, the Bober willows, Reeds habitat, Przymoście Guzów peat bog, Bobrówka,  the Bober river Gorge, The Bober Meander, Nowa Woda, Przywale, Boberek, the Bober river meander, Dachowskie Ługi.