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Forests have a favourable impact on climate, air, water, soil, living and health conditions of people as well as on environmental sustainability. Poland belongs to a group of countries with the greatest forest area in Europe. The forest cover of Poland measured as a forest to land area percentage ratio amounts to 29,7%. The average Polish forest timber resources amount to approximately 06 cubic meters per hectare and this figure is almost twice as big as the average for all Europe.

The total area of the Forest District is  32030 ha, including  31470 h of forests .

The forest  cover totals  58.5%.
Pine prevails in this area  with  over 92% share.

The average age of forest stand is  54 years.

The main types of forest communities occupying the area of Forest District :

  • Pine forests
  • Mixed forests
  • Acidophilus oak forests  (Central European acidophilus forest, the so called   "acid" oak forest)– composed mainly of  English  oak,
  • swamp alder forests
  • oak-hornbeam forests
  • riparian  forests

Areal share (in %) of particular  habitat types:

  • 85,1% - coniferous forest (forest stands where coniferous trees prevail, mainly pine and  spruce)
  • 14,7% - deciduous forests (where deciduous trees prevail)