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The post-war history of The Forest District Krzystkowice is closely related with the history of the western lands of Poland. The process of creating forest administration went along with the process of providing origins of government administration. The most important issues that foresters had to deal with after the end of World war II were: making inventory of timber acquired by the Germans and delivering it to timber depots, post-agricultural land afforestation, extinguishing war fires, cleaning and renewal of fire sites, reconstructing them mainly with pine ( manual sowing). In 1951 the general forest stand inventory was made to evidence the existing forest resources.

Forestry works at the time were done by local people and the so called intervention workers (mainly from Kielce Province), whom forest administration provided with food, accommodation facilities and furnishings.

In 1948 the first restructuring of forestry took place. As a result of this process the present Forest District of Krzystkowice comprised four districts, namely  Nowa Wieś (with the area of  9004 ha), Bogaczów (the area of  6200 ha), Miodnica (the area of  6849 ha) and  Krzystkowice (the area of  6900 ha), which operated in the years  1948-1972. The average area of a forest range was  700 – 800 ha.

After restructuring, the business activity  run by forest districts  focused mainly on obtaining  lots of timber coming from negative forest stands that occupied vast  areas. Seedlings designed for renewals were grown  on site.  Almost every forest district, possessing  good soil resources, established its own nursery of the area of 20-30 ares. 1964  faced another restructuring  which led  to closing almost half of all the forest districts. The area of the forest districts that remained increased to almost 1370 ha. Then, the position of a game-keeper  was created.

In  the period 1948-1972 within the  territories of the Forest Ddistrict Krzystkowice, Nowa Wieś and  Bogaczów  gradations of the following species occurred: dendrolimus pini (in 1950 on the area of  1500 ha) and panolis flammea  (in  1957 on the area of  400 ha).  The biggest fires took place in the Forest District of Zajęcza, where  560 ha were burnt down, whereas in  1961 big fires swept 400 ha of the forests of  Lechów  and  Krzywaniec.

The last restructuring was  performed in the years  1972–1973 causing  a merger of  the existing forest districts and creating one named  Krzystkowice. The Forest District seat was placed in the building of the former Forest District Inspectorate of  Nowa Wieś  in  Krzystkowice (modernized in  1975-1977  and in 2003-2004). Daniel Bełzecki was appointed  the  Chief Forster  ( the  Chief Forester of the Forest District of  Nowa Wieś), who occupied the position until retired in mid July  2007 . The area of the newly established forest district was  31 350 ha. It was divided into four sub-districts and 18 forest ranges.